About us

BANOT is a New York based band, created for the love of Jewish and Israeli music.


Co-founded by Berklee graduates Yonit Spiegelman, Tali Rubinstein, Ella Joy Meir, Michal Weiner, Marian Gomez Villota, and new member Shir Zehavy, BANOT seeks new ways to interpret traditional Jewish music and modern Israeli music. 


This love of music and community brought together five talented musicians to create an exciting new sound that draws on their diverse musical backgrounds. The BANOT flavor is derived from the worlds of jazz, RnB, classical, and folk, to name a few. The result is a unique palette that sheds brand new light on long-loved classics. 


BANOT are currently performing in the New York area and across the US, with a residency at Temple Sholom Greenwich CT and just released their debut album 'Bakesh Shalom' featuring their new composition for 'Lecha Dodi' (Y. Spiegelman) and reinterpretation of Jewish Music favorites. Available now at online stores and at their concerts!


The Band

Yonit Spiegelman is an NYC based Bassist, Producer, Composer and vocalist who is working her way up the American Music Industry. Founder and leader of the music group Foreign Hues, Spiegelman has achieved widespread success amongst her fellow musicians with intimate and unique compositions, accurate bass lines and whole-hearted productions. Spiegelman is currently working with her band and others in the NYC and the Greater Boston areas, performing, teaching privately, and teaching in selected programs of Berklee College of Music.

Tali Rubinstein is an NYC based recorder player, singer, and composer. She trained professionally as a performer of classical recorder for 15 years. Later on she dove into the worlds of jazz and be-bop. Tali has graduated with honors from a number of prestigious institutions, including The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and Berklee College of Music. She has collaborated with multiple Grammy award winner Javier Limón on several projects, including as a player and arranger in his masterpiece album "Promesas de Tierra" (2013). Currently Tali lives and plays in the New York area, and has tours planned for Europe, Israel, and Asia. 

Michal Weiner is an NYC based composer, singer-songwriter, and vocalist. After attending Rimon College in Israel she graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music with a B.Mus in composition and conducting. She has collaborated on numerous projects with musicians in New York and Boston, including directing and producing concerts for and writing commissions for various choirs and ensembles. She is currently performing her debut album and producing multi-genre, salon-style concerts in Brooklyn.  

Shir Zehavy is a singer-songwriter, vocalist and flutist and a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music. Shir has collaborated with the renowned Israeli musicians Matti Caspi and Riki Gal, touring with them for two years. Today Shir focuses on her original music in her project SHEER, that combines her Iraqi-Iranian roots, Jazz, Hip-Hop beats, dubstep and pop.

Ella Joy Meir is a singer-songwriter, pianist, composer and sound designer living and working in NYC. Meir earned a Bachelor's Degree from Berklee College of Music in Contemporary Writing and Electronic Production. During her time at Berklee, Meir co-founded Iris Lune, an electro-acoustic indie band active in the NYC area. She is currently living in Brooklyn, where she performs and works as a freelance composer and sound designer. Iris Lune will release a second EP this November. 

Marian Gomez Villota is an exceptional emerging artist, currently residing in NYC. Latin Grammy nominee, Gomez Villota already has an acclaimed reputation working with music industry legends such as Javier Limon, Alejandro Sanz, Jacinta Clusellas, Foreign Hues, Shachar Ziv and many others. Gomez Villota currently works independently with artists across the east coast, producing, mixing and studio and live engineering.

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